Laptop Batteries

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That’s in my bag?
Laptop Batteries

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It’s like the internet version of taking a picture where you’re holding up the leaning tower…

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Canon 450D (XSi)

Laptop Batteries

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In October, I upgraded the hard disk drive of my 15" MacBook Pro, using this excellent video guide.

This is the start of the procedure, with the battery and memory cover removed from the bottom of the laptop. The bottom of the trackpad and the lower RAM module are visible. I have cleared a space on the table and put down a towel to prevent scratching, and to stop the screws getting lost. As each set of screws were removed, I taped them to the towel.

In the background is my screwdriver set, with the necessary Torx T6 and Phillips #0 bits, the new 320GB SATA drive, the memory cover, and the screws from the cover. There are only two, because I lost one when I upgraded the memory in 2006. This time around I’m being much more careful.

To the right, outside the frame, is the computer I used to watch the video as I performed the replacement.

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