Compaq Battery
by splorp

Charged Battery For Compaqs

Like most notebooks, Compaq laptop batteries prone to lose its charge over time. It is important to know how to load one a Compaq laptop battery, and use the energy-saving tips to extend battery life.


Step 1

Turn on your laptop. It takes much less time to fully charge a laptop battery in the OFF position to a laptop as a free operating system.


Step 2

Connect to connect the Compaq laptop in cable AC / DC and a reliable power source. Wait until the laptop battery at the end of the load.


Step 3

Turn off the laptop and check the battery status. Testing the laptop battery is outside energy source of the laptop and leave the computer on but idle. Compare lasts this time with the Compaq while promising a new battery.

While much shorter follow the two steps that improve the battery life of your laptop Compaq.


Step 4

Save time when the battery in your acer laptop from the devices and services that are not used immediately. For example, save your wireless internet (WiFi) if you are not surfing the Internet. It is the most important energy faster on a laptop.


Step 5

Reduce the brightness of the screen as possible to expand its cargo Compaq laptop battery. This is the second leading cause of energy quickly. Also disconnect all USB devices like external hard drives, charges that stem cells be used up their power from the computer itself quickly and the battery of your laptop.

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