Full Disassembly of a HP DV7 Series Notebook [Part VI of VI]

Link to Part 1: www.youtube.com I show you how to completely disassemble a HP DV7 Series Notebook Computer. The computer was given to me with a suspected bad motherboard. This guide can be used for all of the HP DV7, DV6, and G-Series notebooks built and sold from September 2007 to roughly April 2009. The video series is a six part series that shows even individual component teardown and proper removal of case pieces without damage. I own the rights to this video as it was filmed by me. I am not responsible for any damage you do to you own personal laptop as a result of the use or misuse of this video material. Furthermore, you will void any existing or extended warranty the computer may have by disassembling the computer. I am not responsible if you completely trash your computer. Laptop repairs should always be performed by a trained professional with proper tools and equipment to eliminate ESD. I am a certified and qualified professional who has over 10 years of desktop and laptop repairs and I am certified in the disassembly and repair of HP, Compaq, and Dell laptops and desktops. For the third and final time “I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE AS A RESULT OF THE USE OR MISUSE OF THE CONTENT PROVIDED IN THE VIDEOS” Please excuse the video quality as it was filmed with a Motorola Droid with the flash set to always on, so parts can be blurry.Since I also do not have a mount for it, the video tends to wander in some scenes.

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