Portable WiMax Camera Prototype
Laptop Battery

Image by born1945
A local company in Hillsboro Oregon has decided to develop a WiMax portable video camera. The camera, modem, and battery are in the white box. The camera acts as a web site, streaming the video. The small laptop is also WiMax compatible.

The picture on the laptop is what is being taken by the camera in the white box. The signal goes from the white box to the internet via the WiMax connection. Then the laptop logs into the camera via the internet and the WiMax connection and shows what it is seeing.

One of the goals is to be able to use the camera in various places on the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. Right now we are testing the WiMax signal on the various locations on the Wetlands. Since the property is on the edge of the service area, the quality of the signal various quite a bit.

OLPC Unboxing
Laptop Battery

Image by Elix Perth
L-R: Battery, OLPC, AC adaptor, welcome materials.

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