Whats’ in My Bag? Packed
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Here is the packed photo – - this is what I brought (and acquired) on a 32 day trip to Australia. One challenge is that I had to pack for weather ranging form tropical (Daintree Rain forest and Great barrier Reef) to Urban (Sydney, Melbourne) to Alpine (Overland Track in Tasmania)

Items I Brought>

– 2 pairs of Superfeet shoe inserts
– ASICS Running shoes
– Asolo hiking boots (well broken in, worn on all airplane flights)
– Spare pair of inserts (I need these and I walk a lot)
– Medium weight OR Gloves
– A lot of warm clothes for Overland Track (will list further breakdown…)
– Thermal underwear (2 pairs)
– Old gray vest with a couple of pockets (decrepit, but useful)
– Australian Bird Book by Slater
– Kindle (with ~ 80 books, glad I have the extra 4 GByte card)
– Canon EOS 40D manual
– Canon EOS 40D tutorial book
– Lowe Camera bag – which I used to carry around my
Canon EOS 40D and 24-70 lens (a heavy combo).
Also lens cleaner, spare battery and polarizer
Hiking gear
– 750 ml watter bottle (two)
– First aid kit
– Emergency gear (compass, knife, repair kit, whistle, spare food,
headlamp, flashlight, spare glasses)
– Jublo prescription glacier glasses
– Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park Map
Other Stuff
– Blackberry
– Kindle, Blackberry, Canon 40D, Canon 850 chargers
– Medicine
– Many types of sunscreen – I am either chalk white or beet red.
– Moleskine 64 page notebook (brought 3, used 2)
– My bag – an old roller bag that has endured many trips
– Granite Gear compression bag – carried a lot of hiking clothes compressed
– A small Kiva Designs pack – it’s gone on many trips, almost shot, had to get thread and needle and sew a ripped seam in Melbourne – but it still works!
– Itinerary – where we were going with dates and phone numbers etc.

Items I Bought
– Poster of North Queensland Coast
– Photography Book- Capturing the World by Darren Leal
– The Anzacs by Patsy_Adam-Smith (quite interesting author)
I wanted to know more of Anzac history – this was highly recommended
– Leonardo’s Lost Robots by robotics engineer Mark Elling Rosheim
I bought this at a Leonardo museum exhibit in Melbourne
– Leonardo Da Vinci ‘Anatomy to Robots’ exhibit catalog www.davincimelbourne.com.au/index.html
– old Australian Geographics that a bookstore owner gave me in Bowral, NSW
– Tasmania books and maps
The Rock Which Makes Tasmania by David Leaman
– 5th edition of Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Park by John Chapman, Monica Chapman & John Siseman
Emergence a sci-fi novel by Ray Hammond
which I bought in Bowral, NSW
– A laminated summary of The Metamorphosis of Plants by
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from Mount Tomah Botanical Garden,
in the Blue Mountains, NSW
– The first issue (1952) of the journal Diogenes – a transdisciplinary journal of science and the humanities
– Miscellaneous Notes, maps and brochures in a plastic portfolio

Australia oz2009 640

Saddleback Leather Bag
Notebook Battery

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