My Desk @ 11/19/2006
Notebook Batteries

Image by epc
Somewhere I saw someone had posted an annotated photo of their desk. Having much better things to do today, I decided to procrastinate and post this instead.

Too much stuff
Notebook Batteries

Image by Severin Sadjina
I had a great photo shoot on location yesterday. Was meant to carry some summer-y feeling. What happened was that it was slightly above freezing and it was raining for the most part (even some snow flakes towards the end). So my gear got very wet and I had to lay it all out for drying.

And when I pretty much had to use a whole room to do so I realized something: I have a lot of gear :D

And this is far from all! Not showing are camera and more lenses, five light stands, three umbrellas, two softboxes, all the bags I use to haul it all around, and some more small stuff (filters and such)…

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