Sharp Actius MM20 Laptop Review

Sharp Actius MM20 Laptop is one of the smallest laptops we will reciew, the actius MM20 can syncronize files with another computer. Sharp Actius MM20 laptop featuring Transmeta’s new 1GHz Efficeon CPU and with 512MB of RAM.

Sharp MM20 is one of the thinnest laptop we have seen , it measures less than an inch. in the front or the back, Sharp Actius MM20′s slimness and light weight make it an absolute pleasure to travel with anywhere,the weight just is 2 pounds, just like carrying a couple magazines. The MM20 designed a smaller 10.4″ LCD display to reduce the overall dimensions of the system. This can make the screen more difficult to read for those with lesser eyesight. However, because of the small size and weight , sharp mm20 actius must scale the keyboard down to 86% the size of a full keyboard about 17mm, so typing is somewhat challenging. Powering the systems graphics is a 16MB ATI Mobility graphics adapter and a beautiful 10.4-inch screen with a native resolution of 1024×768,it also comes with integrated 802.11b/g wireless.

Sharp Actius MM20 running on 1GHz Transmeta Efficeon which is the newest ultralow-power processor of Transmeta as most notebook computers are based around the Intel Pentium M processors,using an updated version of Transmeta’s Code Morphing Software, greatly improves performance and power-saving capabilities. The Sharp MM20 comes with 512MB of RAM, I think is not bad for a system ,as we know most competing laptops are only supplied with 256MB ,two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone jack, and an Ethernet port,which is really the minimum to really run Windows XP and have only 20GB Hard drive space. However, one area that the Sharp Actius MM20 needs improvement is in the storage department. The system does not ship standard with an optical drive. This can make installing application software difficult.

Sharp Actius MM20 has a rather unique cradle solution and synching software. The Actius MM20 features a proprietary connection port on its left side, which can plug directly into the cradle. The cradle attaches to a desktop PC via a USB 2.0 cable. Once the MM20 is docked, the desktop will automatically recognize the powered-down MM20 as an external hard drive. You can easily sync the MM20 with the desktop, transfer files, or run backups after using the SharpSync software.Even more,only you plug the notebook’s AC into the cradle, it will charge the system while docked, then the battery life indicator will remind the battery is fully charged.

Sharp Actius MM20 comes with 512MB of memory that is faster than its 1 GHz CPU rating ,but mm20 didn’t break any performance records. It scored a low 8.5 on Business Winstone and a 7.5 on Multimedia Content Creation Winstone. Efficeon TM8600 processor is more suited to saving battery life rather than doing number crunching. The Sharp Actius MM20 showed good throughput using 802.11g at close range (22.37 Mbps)and it barely received a signal at 120 feet on wireless tests. The MM20′s battery life of 2 hours 5 minutes was helped along by the ultralow-power chipset. This score is commendable considering the battery’s small size (1.8 Ahrs). The system built in 802.11g Wi-Fi networking just like you have a newer Wi-Fi router, so you can share video and other bandwidth-hogging files without many glitches. Even ,you have the older kind of router (802.11b),the MM20 still works, just at a narrower bandwidth.

Sharp Actius MM20 build in small battery, just only runs for two to three hours on a charge. The Actius’ ultra-slim battery provided about 95 minutes in “mobile” mode, with the processor slowed down and the screen backlight dimmed, you can stretch out battery life. However, there will offer an optional high-capacity battery that can provide up to nine hours of juice.

Sharp Actius MM20 specs as follows:

Processor: Transmeta Efficeon 1GHz 512MB DDR Memory
Hard Drive: 20GB 4,200rpm
Display: 10.4″ XGA LCD
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon with
Memory: 16MB Dedicated
Audio: AC’97 Audio
Network: Wireless 10/100 Ethernet and 802.1
Connector: Two USB 2.0 Ports and One Type II PC Card Slot
Dimensions: 9.9″ x 8.2″ x 6″
OS: Windows XP Home Operating System and Norton Anti-Virus (90-day)

Extremely Small Dimensions
512MB Memory
Fairly Low Price
unique docking cradle for charging and synching

Limited Computing Power
No Optical Drive
Limited Software Bundle
Small keyboard
low performance

Sharp Actius MM20 Laptop is one of the smallest laptops we will reciew, the actius MM20 can syncronize files with another computer. Sharp Actius MM20 laptop featuring Transmeta’s new 1GHz Efficeon CPU and with 512MB of RAM.

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