New Camera Bag
Laptop Battery

Image by DanieVDM
Rather bad photo from my Nokia cellphone (its strong point is not flash photos….) showing my old bag and the new one I got today. This is the Tamrac Adventure 9 with some extra packing space – also carries a laptop PC. I love this series as they look very much like normal backpacks. See

What’s In My Bag for ETech 06
Laptop Battery

Image by rich115
Here’s what I’m taking to ETech (minus the cloths).

I like to travel as light as possible, so it’s a laptop case, small bag for taking onboard, and a camera case. 10,000 miles, about 48 hours travel time, and two weeks packed into as small an area as I can manage.

If I grab a tshirt or two, I’m stuffed on the return trip :) .

living the dream
Laptop Battery

Image by creating in the dark

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