What in mai bag!
Laptop Battery

Image by cote
Missing, of course, is my laptop.

What’s In My ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro
Laptop Battery

Image by TylerIngram
This is what goes into my ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro backpack.

Unlike a lot of photogs out there I don’t have a ton of stuff but this is what I will be bringing with me to the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival this year. What isn’t pictured is the laptop, mouse, mini-powerbar and some other techy things.

I’ll try and tag everything.

What’s in your pack?

da bag 05.03.30
Laptop Battery

Image by s2art
Here’s a list of the contents of my bag today, for the what’s in your bag pool I’m member number 678 I think?
14 inch iBook, Mouse,VGA adaptor, Spare/blank CD, iPod, Earphones for iPod, External volume control for iPod, Belkin sound recorder attachment for iPod, Spare batteries for media card reader, Spare battery for camera, Flash Card reader for iPod/Camera, Permanent markers for CDs, Spare flash cards for camera, 2 Sets of keys for 2 workplaces, Belkin FM transmitter, Car charger for iPod, Assorted markers, pencils and pens, Firewire cable and base stand for iPod, Silver pencil case with "special" pens, (bought in Berlin in 2004), Journal/Visual Diary, Photography book, Teacher’s record book/Roll, Crumpler bag, spare plug for iBook power adaptor not shown, Nikon Coolpix 5400 camera, and power adapter/transformer for iBook.

Apologies for the blurrry photo too lazy to get a tripod and I hate full flash!

Coming soon the contents of my bag before I head off overseas for a week!

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