Ham Radio QRP Picnic Table 003
Laptop Batteries

Image by Whiskeygonebad
LIQRP – Long Island QRP group meeting in a nice shady part of a park in Long Island. QRP technically means "reducing transmission power to a level low enough to maintain contact" It also became to mean the fanatical devotion of operating and perhaps building of radios the transmit 5 watts or less. This includes a pride in assembling very portable amateur radio stations.
A stand-alone digital communications setup made by NJQRP needing no typical PC or laptop setup. It is all in a little box connected to a keyboard. This operates on a mode called psk31 [phase shift keying at 31 baud] Type gets through the noise even when it can barely be heard by the ear on the radio!

Prada Phone
Laptop Batteries

Image by Andrew*
That is one sexy piece of mobile goodness, I had a play around with one at lunchtime today.

The only negative is the battery life, which is frankly pants!

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