Computer desk
Computer Battery

Image by Fyda
The stuff I’ve been using lately. It piles up on my desk, although it’s not so much a vertical pile (yet) as it is a horizontal sprawl.

I stumbled across user jendaviswilson‘s awesome iPod cord crochet chain. It took me a few tries, but I finally got it to work! (I am not very good at crafts.) That’s the crocheted cord in the centre of the photo.

Project 365/85
Computer Battery

Image by CapsLK
I’m frantically working away on my proposal and comprehensive exam and the result is that I’ve had a headache for about a month now from spending every single damn day sitting in front of my computer. I was staring at this battery seriously considering driving it into the base of my skull which, in my semi-delusional state at the time, I thought would alleviate the pain from having the muscles in the back of my neck refuse to loosen up. I decided taking a photo was a better option.

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