The Corner Room
Laptop Battery

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This corner was the best place to service all my electronics. It’s a problem for us North Americans who own everything with 115 voltage verses Europe’s standard 220v. I had a multi country/voltage adaptor but to my horror it would not work in 2 of the three electrical outlets and in the third it had a poor connection and I needed to hold it in and jiggle it to keep the current running. My camera battery charger, laptop to store my images and my Ipod were all needing it… thankfully I had a small cheapo adaptor that when plugged into this light socket worked perfectly and was stable… so phew…. everything went well after I discovered that. I wish the whole world was on the same current… it would just make everything much easier.

Tryp Ambassador Hotel
Madrid Spain
Room 326

Tryp Ambassador Hotel [?]

Laptop Battery

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307/365: Power cut
Laptop Battery

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For reasons unknown, we had three power cuts today each lasting about 20 minutes! My laptop continued to work on battery power but no Internet. I was slightly shocked to discover how much I rely on the Internet and frustrated I felt by its absence.

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