Geode-based Neoware Thin client running on Linux and 4 AA Batteries!
Computer Batteries

Image by Extra Ketchup
I have a few of these Neoware thin clients laying around ( ), and because of their single 5 volt requirement and low power consumption, I figure they would be great for robotics projects and other such cool things!

With a power draw around 5 watts at idle, I can run this computer (sans case and P/S) off of 4 AA batteries!!

The unit comes with about a 130MB SSD (solid state drive), which isn’t much at all (it has old Win CE on it). However, I was able to get a bootable Linux install on it with various tools I would want for robotics (networking, Python programming language, USB storage, USB cameras, serial and parallel port access, etc.) I used Gentoo to fine-tune my install to this specific hardware.

Check the other photos for some more details about this project. Check out for more details from back when I started this project (which has been on the back-burner for a while).

…is a recalled battery…
Computer Batteries

Image by Brian Lane Winfield Moore

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