Dan Benjamin’s Newton
Computer Battery

Image by splorp
Back in July, Dan Benjamin and John Gruber mentioned the Newton (and alluded to yours truly) at the tail end of the third episode of their podcast, The Talk Show. You can listen the audio snippet here.

One of the stipulations of getting on the show was to provide Dan with a technological point of reference, that being an actual, functioning Newton device which he could compare and contrast with an iPhone. The easy part was agreeing to the transaction. The tough part was the interpretation of that darn word “functioning”.

After several weeks of diddling with software, reconditioning battery packs, installing drivers and finally getting a creaky 3Com EtherLink card to talk to my Mac … it’s done. Dan’s Newton MessagePad 2100 is packaged and ready for shipment, along with all of the necessary digital assistant accoutrements.

What you see is what you’re getting.

PowerBook G4 Tear-Down: Insides, Assembled
Computer Battery

Image by schoschie
Mein inzwischen 4,5 Jahre altes PowerBook G4 hat gestern kurzzeitig den Geist aufgegeben. Grund genug, einen Blick hinein zu werfen.

My trusted PowerBook G4, 4.5 years old by now, has given up the ghost yesterday. It took it as an opportunity to have a look inside. Thankfully, it works again now, even though I didn’t fix anything.

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