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Experiencing Technical Difficulties
Laptop Battery

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Sorry everybody. Looks like I’ll be out for a little while due to technical difficulties. Let me list all the problems Ive had just in the past month:

1. Laptop power cable caught fire. I was on call at the hospital, in my call room and smelled smoke. I looked around and same my PowerBook’s cable sparking & smoking. Yeah. I haven’t gotten a replacement yet.

2. My iPod battery stopped holding a charge. Not gradually like they normally do, but all of a sudden. I waiting for a refurb’d one to come in the mail.

3. My in ear headphones that I use on stage and for my iPod broke. I go thru those every couple years, guess time was up.

4. I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Luckily, the SD card slot stopped working as well, so insurance covered it. And they didn’t have any more XV6800′s, so they gave me an HTC Touch Pro instead for my deductible. Not bad for an upgrade.

5. And the newest and most annoying: my desktop (a PC) has decided it’s either a) not going to boot or b) if it does boot, it’ll shut itself down about 5 min later. Since that’s where I’ve been doing all my photo stuff, I’m kinda screwed until it’s fixed. I was going to get a new computer this summer, I might move that up since my desktop is about 6yrs old now.

Anyway, I’m still taking photos. I’ll see you guys when I see ya. I’ll still be on Facebook (since I can access from my phone), so if you need your Doctr fix, find me there.

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