Day 5/365: Another Day in Front of the Computer
Computer Battery

Image by magandafille
I took several self-portraits earlier this evening but was dissatisfied with them all. I don’t want to be bothered with taking any more self-portraits today. Only Day 5 and I’m struggling?! Sheesh! So, I whipped out my iPhone, took a lame camera photo and made it "special" with Instagram.

*Instant Hipness(TM)*

Oct. 20, 2011. Day 5 of 365 Days.

Swollen Battery. 125/365. (5/5/09)
Computer Battery

Image by Ian Sterling
Had to get an MBP Battery swapped today. It wouldn’t fit in the computer.

Road trip recharge
Computer Battery

Image by brunosan
We are on the geek side, but you┬┤ll been there also.

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