Newton “Cadillac” Prototype
Computer Batteries

Image by splorp
Side view — battery release, lanyard loop, stylus port, audio out port, video out port, modem port.

A prototype of the larger, tablet-style Newton.

This item is part of a collection obtained from Russ Uzes, October 2004.

Newton Inside
Computer Batteries

Image by splorp
This is an x-ray showing the interior of a Newton MessagePad 2000. The image was originally posted by Jonathan Sanderson on Pondlife, the North of England Newton Users Group website. The site is now offline, but bits of the content can still be perused via the Internet Archive .

I am reposting the image here for future reference and subsequent annotation. Most Newton owners have never seen the inside of their handheld, let alone in this form. I am also attempting to track down the high resolution false colour versions of this image.


Original image by Martin Bartos
Scanned by Lucy Coles
Manipulated by Jonathan Sanderson

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