Whatsinmybag – jan/31/2006
Laptop Battery

Image by m.aquila
what’s in my bag

KDE 3.5.8 con cara de KDE 4 (Gambit 20080305)
Laptop Battery

Image by hyoga
Este es el escritorio de Gambit, mi laptop. KDE 3.5.8 con íconos Dark Oxygen y temas de SuperKaramba (DashClock, dbKalendar, battery monitor, myComputer, Amarok Theme y LiquidWeather+)

Lindo ¿no?

New Hotness (105/365)
Laptop Battery

Image by kyle tsui
The new Macbook Pro systems with i5 processors were just too expensive to justify. Here’s my new Sony CW laptop with i5 that cost half as much. It has less than half the battery life too, but life is about tradeoffs.

At half the price of the Macbook Pro, the decision wasn’t hard. Maybe next time Apple. You know, in the summer, when you release the next iPhone :)

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