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Laptop Battery

Image by surroundsound5000
I haven’t taken my camera out in months; so the other day I dug out my battery charger and went for a walk with a tripod and camera. This isn’t exactly the result I was after from this shot, but I think getting what I want could take a long time and I have alot of other work to get done.

It’s tricky to get the contrast right, because my laptop screen and my monitor are giving me quite different looks (and neither of them are pro screens, so it’s tricky to decide which to go with).

I’m really not a fan of the Mantuik algorithm, this is processed (not very well on my part) with the fattal algorithm.

My Desk
Laptop Battery

Image by Coldways
Surprisingly hard to take a good picture of.

Card Reader
Laptop Battery

Image by Chris Ibbotson
32GB DigiMate III card reader. This is one of the most usefull items ive bought. Its a 2.5inch laptop HDD holder that has all the card slots in built. It has a rechargable battery that runs the HDD allowing me to copy my CF cards onto the HDD so i can reuse them. Excellant for rallies when your taking 1000′s of photos a day.

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