Train Meal
Laptop Battery

Image by Storm Crypt
In so many of my lengthy trips, I’ve always taken meals above 30,000 ft. That’s — like having my meals more than 9 kilometers above ground — work, eat and sleep at that altitude. And I get it for free.

This time, I’m a little on a personal vacation — and on the ground. Lets just say, the train is cheaper — and I need to see things from the ground — and to slow things down. Some of the trains even have internet, and power supply for your drained laptop batteries. A meal in this fast moving train in Europe is not an everyday experience — have taken meals over Europe above the clouds — but on the train is rare. Some chicken, carrots and rice, coffee and water. Not a bad meal. And northern Italy is just an hour away. Despite the rains, the Adriatic Sea looms in the horizon.

The Southern European countryside offers a good view. I’ve planned the trip carefully, from the Sun’s angle on the horizon in this part of the world, the sunset and sunrise at this time, the trains, the time — but there’s always something that you can’t plan ahead(months ahead) — the springtime weather of Europe. Out came the rain — disrupting the view.

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