My desk set up for the phone interview
Notebook Batteries

Image by Juiceboy
I’m a bit anal retentive. I didn’t actually use half this stuff during the interview, but I’m glad I had it in front of me.

Walden Pond
Notebook Batteries

Image by Vurnman
I came upon the little shelter you can see in the background over a year ago. The dogs and I hiked up to it again today. Last year it had been recently occupied (based on the battery operated clock that was still running) and we looked about and left. This time I poked around through the wet junk that had been left behind and found this cup, a disintegrating copy of the title tome and the remains of a couple of notebooks. The notebooks were too far gone to read anything, but since the author abandoned them I have to believe they must not have contained anything particularly profound.

Anyway, I got a nice soup cup out of the deal.

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