traveling camera gear
Computer Batteries

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We put together some of our gear for filming and thought it might be interesting to see what gear other people carry with them filming when trying to travel light!

freedom! (131 of 365)
Computer Batteries

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Wow. My first laptop! And I have wiped off XP and installed Ubuntu Linux and have been playing all evening and it is cool cool cool. And sexy. The only thing I’m worried about is battery life, but there are settings to try changing.

And now I promise to not blather quite so much about my computer situation.

Our View When the Power Was Out
Computer Batteries

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Around 7:30 PM on Thursday evening during the deluge, our electric power went out. This meant we had no electric lights, no television, no computer, no Internet, cell phones with low battery, and no water except the water in the hot water heater.

Jim lit two oil lamps with wicks and brought out his flashlight and battery lantern. We sat on the patio furniture and listened to WAFT on the battery radio. Around 9:30 PM we went to bed with thankfulness to God that we had a comfortable bed in a comfortable house.

I was asleep when the electric power was restored around 1:30 AM. We are very grateful to the Colquitt Electric Company’s employees for all their hard work. Now I’m up on Friday morning getting packed for our trip to Atlanta.

It is NOT raining outside my window. The sun is shining. We have electric power. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. :-)

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