MP3 player
Computer Battery

Image by marc.spooner
This projects came about when I had an mp3 player with a very poor battery life. So I combined a portable phone battery, a computer speaker and the MP3 player to make this big mono MP3 player.

With USDA Support, Clemson University Research Revolutionizes Environmental Monitoring
Computer Battery

Image by USDAgov
Relay stations send water quality data via satellite to Clemson University’s high-performance computing center. Data is collected by sensors in a patent-pending buoy in the river. The buoy also holds the patent-pending MoteStack, a battery-powered computer smaller than a Rubik’s Cube that stores and transmits data to the relay station. (Photo courtesy Clemson University.)

16. DJ #1
Computer Battery

Image by Joey DeVilla
A better look at the DJ rig, The sound carried pretty well considering that it was being pumped out of battery-powered computer speakers.

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