Running down netbook batteries
Laptop Battery

Image by sarahgb(theoriginal)
We normally put these back on charge as soon as students return them. Over the summer we are running the batteries down completely before charging them again. We’ve recently regained this room which is being set up as a dedicated AV room with storage and charging of netbooks, laptops and ipads, along with a colleague’s digitisation project.

365.080506: 204 (Laptop photo frame)
Laptop Battery

Image by C?t
(Moved from my old 365 page)

It’s finally more-or-less finished!

All I have left to do is fix the laptop-half onto the back of the frame more solidly and find some rubber feet so it doesn’t sit on the wall at a slight angle.

So glad I ditched the first attempt and used my other junker laptop instead, it’s worked out so much better and fits on the back of the frame in such a way that if I liked I could keep the battery and whatnot in and can keep the bottom half of the laptop shell on to protect all the bits. So nice.

It was running Twittervision but now it’s got surveillancesaver on it.

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