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Image by WalterPro4755
Tesla Roadster parked outside the aquarium.

The Tesla Roadster uses 6,831 small “commodity” lithium-ion cells—the same kind used in mobile phones and laptops—to provide 0-to-60-mph acceleration under 4 seconds and a real-world range of 150 to 240 miles, depending on how often the driver uses that acceleration. The Roadster’s electric motor is redlined at 13,000 to 15,000 rpm, for a quoted top speed of 125 mph. The mid-mounted 53-kilowatt-hour battery pack sits behind the cockpit, with a 185-kilowatt (248-horsepower) electric motor driving the rear wheels. The Tesla Roadster is assembled by Lotus in England, and shares some chassis architecture with that maker’s light, swift Elise sports car.

What’s In My Bag – Hospital Edition (Gadgets)
Laptop Battery

Image by Ted Van Huisen
Our second baby is due imminently so I am packing my bags for the hospital. I am bringing a gadget bag and a clothes bag.

Seems Like Old Times
Laptop Battery

Image by andyi
The iPad’s virtual keyboard is actually quite typeable. It takes a few minutes to get used to the lack of tactile feedback. After that, though, you can cruise along quite well with it.

I also like the fact that it echoes the "slab" computers that predated laptops.

The TRS-80 Model 100 was the king of this class. Much like the iPad, it was compact, lightweight, and ran a long, long time on battery power.

One note: the guy selling this Model 100 was clearly on crack if he thought he was going to get 0 for a yellowed and nicked-up example like this one. The Model 100 sank to "How about ten bucks?" status at the Flea a long time ago.

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