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Computer Batteries

Image by psd
The Polaroid PoGo which prints 3"x2" sticky labels. The device is nice to hold, pocket sized and not too heavy, lighter than my iPhone. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with a clunker of a power adaptor. I think it’s reasonably priced, at £49.00 and media isn’t extortionate, with each sticker working out at 20p each. The paper is all you need to buy – there’s no separate ink, hence "Zink". Quality is acceptable, depending largely on the image size, which must be a jpg, not png/pdf and has to be bluetooth transferred to the device (??B on the Mac when selecting an image does this). It takes about half a minute to transfer and print a 1.5MB photo out, which is automatically resized to the paper length, meaning an image which is not 3×2 will be cropped, rather than surrounded by whitespace. I’m finding that annoying. You can’t add the device as a printer, which is a shame! There’s also a campaign to petition Apple to support bluetooth printing from the iPhone. It’s a pity Apple didn’t support Bluetooth transfers from the get-go.

Heavy mode – Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW
Computer Batteries

Image by Synchroni
Heavy mode – Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW
To carry ALL my computer and camera equipment for overseas travelling (work or leisure) if there is a need. Weight 14kg including the tripod which is not in the picture.

Wii sensorbar
Computer Batteries

Image by Willrad
A homemade wii sensorbar made with worth of stuff from Radio Shack.

Sorry this is a crappy phonecam picture, but there’s a good reason. Phone cameras pick up infrared light, but normal digital cameras filter that out. So the only way to "see" that the lights are working is to use a cameraphone.

The Wii "sensor bar" is really just a bunch of IR-emitting lights. You can prove that by pointing a cameraphone at it. So, if you want to simulate the sensor bar (so you can use your Wiimote with a computer or something), you just need a couple of strong IR emitters. Two candles will work, or two 60-watt bulbs. This is the less-flammable, low-power solution.

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