Laptop Battery

Image by jaymiek
I’ve been lurking the what’s in your bag group for a loooong time, so I figured it was time to add something. I’m headed out of town this weekend to photograph a friend’s wedding, and I’ve been having issues getting together everything I need. Sadly I had to move operations over to the guest room because mine was too messy. I’m going to look like a bag lady on the bus tomorrow. sigh. Missing: some toiletries (still being used) and my laptop, which will have to travel in my suitcase under the bus *bites nails*

GORUCK GR1 Packed For Filming
Laptop Battery

Image by CC Chapman
I’ve been asked what my on the road filming set up is like so I took a photo of my GORUCK GR1 in my hotel room in NY upon arrive.

Image contains notes to describe what everything is.

Can’t add a note that my 13" Macbook air is also packed in the laptop sleeve underneath all this.

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