My Digital Camera Gear
Computer Battery

Image by DOS82
This is only my Digital Equipment…
There’s also a Soligor SR 300MD Film-SLR with a 28mm and a 60-300mm Lens with some accessories and of course about 6 or 7 Compact Cam’s Digital an Analog…

… I’m Being a Royal Pain!
Computer Battery

Image by Mr. Ducke
Among other misdemeanors, Parsnip batted the computer mouse to the floor causing it’s batteries to come out..

Computer Battery

Image by Danny Choo
The Pokens are an electronic device powered by a button battery. When you meet somebody with another Poken, you place them near each other – they then glow green to confirm that your digital signatures have been exchanged.You then remove the Poken cap and plug it into your computer via USB. After logging in at, you will be able to see details of the people you recently met. Video clip below talks more about Poken.

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