Laptop Screen Replacement on LENOVO Z570

BUY NEW SCREEN for your laptop on and continue according this guide: 1. Switch off your laptop and remove battery. 2. Screw bolts off on front part of screen. Bolts are hidden below small rubber squares on bottom side. 3. Put down plastic front cover of screen. Be careful in the corners and joints of screen. These parts could be very fragile. 4. Screw bolts off from front side of racks,up and down. 5. Screw bolts off alongside of racks. 6. Eject old screen from mounts and leave it on keyboard. 7. Carefully peel silver cable off from screen and then very carefully unplug cable from screen. 8. Unpack and check your new screen. Place it on keyboard. 9. Plug cable to the new screen and paste cable to plastic cover of screen. 10. Put screen in to the racks. 11. Screw bolts on the racks, at first alongside of racks and then on front side of screen. 12. Put battery in to the laptop. 13. And inspect new screen through switching on of your laptop. If it works, go to next step, if not go to back on 9th step. 14. Fix plastic front cover to the display and screw last two bolts on. Push small rubber squares back on its position. Thank you Martin Dlugolinsky ( for cooperation on this video.
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