Menubar, ca. January 23, 2010
Computer Batteries

Image by scottjacksonx
Menubar screenshot, ca. January 23, 2010

Locations – Change your Mac’s settings based on which network it’s connected to. I wrote about this here.


Dropbox – Sync between everything (Mac, PC, iPhone). Dropbox is perfect.

SoundSource – RogueAmoeba’s free menubar program lets you quickly switch your audio inputs and outputs on your Mac.

Droplr – a quick way to easily share text, images and other files. I use this for disposable images and text on Twitter and stuff like that.

Google Notifier – Growl notifications for incoming mail.

Pastebot Sync – Lets me transfer whatever’s on my Mac’s clipboard to my iPhone’s clipboard, and vice versa. This plus Pastebot for iPhone is a game-changer.

Bluetooth – when I need it, I need it, but otherwise I like to have it switched off.

SynergyKM – share a mouse and keyboard with other computers over WiFi.

Time Machine – don’t get me started. Automatic, incremental backup is great. Everything else about Time Machine isn’t great.



Time / Date


Philippines – Internship Kit
Computer Batteries

Image by Jeff_Werner
Everything I’m bringing and (hopefully) need for a two month internship in the Philippines.

My lab!
Computer Batteries

Image by Morten Liebach
I now have a lab, with 5 computers and a little networking equipment. Very nice. :-)

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