Things found in my old room
Laptop Battery

Image by craigemorsels
Not all were originally mine

IMG_1894 (with camera)
Laptop Battery

Image by matthimrod
The contents of my bag. I never realized how much stuff I carry around until I took this picture.

Note that the camera looks weird because I took the same pic on my Blackberry and cut-and-pasted the camera into this one because I’m a dork like that.

Power & Sunshine
Laptop Battery

Image by LexnGer
Had a conversation recently with my university roommate about the value of
our electives in our current lives – i.e. his business courses versus my
electrical engineering courses. (We left out my drama courses entirely)

I agreed that his choices would serve me better now… but, look Bill, I’m
using my electives now!

Reconfigured my solar today and did some testing with a deep-discharge
battery which is out of age-sync with the main battery of cells.

I love playing with electronics!
Especially this extremely basic stuff where there is zero risk of burning
down a house or blowing the circuitry of your laptop.

So, see I do actually use those electrical engineering courses… ish.

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