In this video, I take apart a HP DV4 to clean the dust out of the vents and fan because the airflow was almost completely blocked. Table of Contents: Removal of: Battery 0:12 Memory 0:28 Wireless LAN WLAN: 0:45 Hard Drive HDD: 0:59 CD ROM 1:05 Keyboard: 2:12 Power Button assembly 2:20 Wireless Antenna 2:40 Speakers 3:20 Display assembly LCD Screen 3:30 Laptop Case cover 4:20 Modem 5:20 Motherboard 5:30 DUST! 5:37 CPU Heat Sink assembly 5:49 Cleaning and applying new thermal paste: 5:55 Reassembly 6:56 If you are having problems with your computer, we can help! We have been doing free estimates since 2000. Please send me a message or check out our website:

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