MacBook Pro Screen Bug
Computer Battery

Image by harald walker
For the second time I got this bug. I forgot to connect the charger and the computer automatically went into hibernation mode when the battery was empty. After connecting power again and waking the MacBook Pro up, this is the screen I got

Everything a micro should bee
Computer Battery

Image by suzy_j
In the heady days of 1982, a small group of people got together here in Sydney to build and market an all-Australian computer. They used a Zilog Z-80 for a processor, and gave the computer powerful graphics, based on Dave Griffith’s "DG-640" graphics card. Matthew Starr wrote a BASIC for the machine, and Owen Hill sold them, initially as kits and later as pre-assembled computers through his Applied Technology storefront.

The Microbee was far and away the most successful Australian designed and made computer. Many thousand were sold in the 1980′s, and they were in most Australian schools. The advent of the PC clone killed the company off, along with many others, and a great Australian icon was lost.

Here’s one of mine – one of the early ROM based models. It has 32K of battery-backed RAM, BASIC in EPROM, 4K of video memory (2K for 64 x 16 characters, plus 2K of programmable graphics characters), and a Z-80 processor running at all of 3.375 MHz.

But it worked. It ran pretty good versions of space invaders, pacman, and joust (Emu Joust), as well as having a really good BASIC. A whole generation of Australian kids learnt computing on these, including me.

I recently cleaned this one up, including removing much of the yellowing from the case and keys using hydrogen peroxide solution and UV light.

Tuesday, February 19/ Day 336
Computer Battery

Image by JolieNY
She likes the way the battery keeps her little paws warm. She also likes the sounds the computer makes when she tries to send email. That’s my Mimi!

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