What’s in my bag (2009 edition)
Computer Battery

Image by karlo
Every couple of years I take a picture of the equipment I’m regularly using at the time, as a visual record. This is the 2009 shot.

For comparison, here’s the 2005 version: www.flickr.com/photos/karlo/6046403/

(For reasons I don’t understand, the 2005 version remains my most-viewed photo on Flickr. In fact, I had it set to private for a long time so that it wouldn’t keep piling up views.)

I sold the 18-70 and 80-200 a few years back on eBay (partly to pay for the 18-200, which was better for travel.) The 80-200 was a great optic but a dog so far as AF.

Probably the most impressive thing to me in looking at this set is that there are at least 2 or 3 pieces of gear I still use on a regular basis that I’ve owned for 15 years or more. I’ve done similar inventories with my computer purchases – it helps me know what to spend a lot on (monitors) and not too much on (laptops.)

The other thing is how miserable the quality of the 7 megapixel Optio W30 is, even at ISO 200. I really miss my Canon SD850, which made horrible grinding noises when it zoomed but took a darn good picture.

Computer Battery

Image by Todd Huffman
Fixing computers in the Fab Lab.

The computers are Inveneos, which are specialized for developing countries. Low-powered and durable. 12 volt, 20 watt.

My one piece of feedback is they don’t have a battery. The electricity here is all run off generators, and several times a day there’s a couple second drop in electricity, which loses everyones open projects and frustrates the students. A small battery which provided continuity would increase the usability a lot.

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