What’s in my bag
Computer Batteries

Image by johnno_oz
Old Pic circa 2005

From the back

1. IBM Thinkpad leather carry case
2. IBM A22M Thinkpad
3. IBM Thinkpad canvas bag for cables and chargers
4. Thinkpad charger cable
5. Really cool case of tricks with a heap of USB and network connectors
6. Ethernet to USB cable
7. USB 4 port hub power cord
8. IBM charger
9. Fuji S5500 camera
10. Nokia phone charger
11. Camera to computer cable
12. 2nd (backup) camera to computer cable
13. Tiny little mouse
14. Phone cord from a standard phone connection to modem
15. Nokia DKU-5 (Phone to computer) cable
16. AA battery charger
17. Infra red cable adaptor
18. Wi Fi PCMCIA Card
19. Nokia 7200 phone
20. 4 port USB PCMCIA card
21. Sandisk 256Mb Cruzer USB storage stick
22. Mouse USB to PS2(?) connector
23. Infra Red (IrDa) transmitting adaptor
24. Rechargeable AA batteries
25. Spare Thinkpad battery
26. Two memory card for my old Fuji camer
27. A newer XD card that came with my new camera with about 16 meg of space.

earth hour 2009
Computer Batteries

Image by lloydalter
On the train from London, Ontario for the entire time of earth hour. The bottle of water is not mine and the computer is running on batteries.

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