Jumbo versipak Maxpedition (universal ccw holster, dual mag retention insert, 3.5 clip on phone pouch and Sport Berkey Water Bottle Portable Water Purifier [carried empty]) Pistol: Glock 27 with 3 mags (3 G27) 180 gr Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 24 rounds Al Mar Al Mar 1005BMT Eagle folding knife MT: Leatherman Juice S2 mini ti pry tools Tweezers: La Cross brand flat Wal-Mart Comb Nail file with sheath la cross Wal-Mart Glide dental floss Chap stick Colgate wisp mini brushes 4 pack ear plugs Flash Light 1: 4Sevens Preon 2 Four days of medication Ink Pen and notebook rite in rain Change pouch with emergency money (Maxpedition 3×6 pouch) Micro Photon Light (blue) Magnivision reader REI Ti Ware Nonstick Titanium Pot – 0.9 Liter 9 clif bars 2 AAA extra batteries Two Blackhawk mag holders Two extra AA batteries in fenix battery holder Blackhawk flash light holder Whistle: Lighter and matches Doug Ritter Pocket Survival PAK magnesium fire starter Flash Light 2: Fenix LD10 and Fenix headband flashlight holder Uncle mikes holster for Glock 27 Neosporin with gorilla duct tape 15 ‘ of nylon cord Para cord bracelet Sea to Summit Alpha Utensil Set
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