? Apple MacBook Pro 13

Website: www.productfeedback.com.au Follow Us On Twitter twitter.com Add Us On Facebook: www.facebook.com Apple’s product lifecycle seems to follow a 12 month release program which is good as it allows us to save up and get ready for that expensive purchase. The latest 2011 13″ Apple Macbook Pro, i7 Edition, is the latest product to fall into the analytical hands of Product Feedback. Watch our full video review just past the break. We Didn’t Like – No option for a matte screen – No option for a higher resolution screen – Battery life dips after a few months in use to about 4-5 hours rather than the 7 claimed. – Based on specifications it is way overpriced, we recommend a price point of 99 We Liked – Solid Battery Life compared to other manufactures. – The body and construction feels well built

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