Work setup (packed)
Computer Battery

Image by tychay
This is what it looks like when I’m gone-sorta.

The sorta part is normally my stuff and computer is in my bag and that bag is gone.

In the guts of the machine
Computer Battery

Image by MeganMorris
I skipped the step in the guide that said to disconnect the microphone and power cables from the logic board because there was a change of pulling the entire socket off the logicboard, thus rendering it dead (since I’m not practiced in the art of micro-soldering logicboards, I did not want to chance this). Instead, when I pulled the upper case away from the lower case, I just balanced the upper against the edge of the lower. I put the tape and later the battery behind it to hold it upright and close to the edge as to not pull on the cables coming from the microphone and power sockets.

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