Station in a Suitcase
Laptop Batteries

Image by OpalMirror
On Sunday, Marty W7MSO brought his suitcase station. It includes a Windows laptop, IC-7000 all-mode all-band transceiver, AT-7000 automatic tuner (under the deck), TNC for packet radio, and various power hookups. Here he is operating it.

Marty also demoed the Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) (not pictured here), which shows live amateur radio information plotted on a map… positions, speeds, altitudes, temperatures, schedules, and other information. One fun example of this was a ham flying an airplane, northbound near Corvallis. Another example was that I saw Mike N7QXH was up hiking near Pechuck lookout, and it reported his exact position and altitude. It looked like he was probably at the summit. Since I know I can usually talk to him on the KD7DNM repeater on Goat Mountain I called and talked to him until my handheld radio’s battery gave out.

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