Computer Batteries

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2009 – 60/365 – Sync & Charge
Computer Batteries

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Since I’m back home from my teaching convention in Chicoutimi, Syncing my computer, plug it was almost the first thing I did when I came home.

Now, time to charge my batteries since I got school tomorrow !

Part of a small video on youtube ! You can see it here !

Goodbye my faithful laptop
Computer Batteries

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today (well last night) marks the death of my first real laptop. oh yes I had a computer before lappy. but it was a old…REALLY old laptop not powerful to run xp in a vista world.

how am I posting this you may ask? I have stumbled across Ubuntu during the drawn-out period of diminished usefulness.

First lappy’s battery then the "I" key died next the monitor. and now finally no longer taking in power.

is it strange for one to say goodbye to one’s first real computer? I don’t know. but today I do

lol…I am a dork…I know

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