R W Lazzara auto design 14
Computer Battery

Image by shankargallery


R W Lazzara Auto Design
My car design has this lower core energy bed and power is sent to the motor wheel cones from the computer using a fractal power booster . All the batteries and core technology is again covered in flexible photovoltaic skin.

This is why I bought it.
Computer Battery

Image by markuz
Yes man… this is why I bought it, 10 fucking hours. obviously, they depend on how you use the computer, and this is:

- No copy/move too much files
- No games
- No flash videos

But for programming is ok. even when doing several tasks at the same time this thing said that the battery was still 4 hours remaining, which is by far better than my old computer.

forced air woodgas stove
Computer Battery

Image by mmeiser2
This is pretty much the finished version of my forced air wood gas stove.

It’ll work fine without the fan, but it burns more consistently, cleaner and hoter with the fan.

It’s made out of a 32oz Heineken can, a common pork and bean or vegtable can as the inner burn chamber, some aluminum flashing as a fan shroud, and a 12-volt CPU computer fan being run on eiter a 6-volt AA pack or 9-volt battery.

For now, other then punch a few more holes in the inner can / burn chamber to keep it from clogging on long burns I’m happy with the results and intend to live with it for a while, starting with a trip this weekend.

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