Barbecue Area
Laptop Battery

Image by ashkyd
It’s dark, I’ve been kicked out of the common area (glowng blobl in the bottom left) because it shuts at minight. It’s only twenty-five to in eastern standard time, damn it.

Yeah, I’m out here until the battery in my laptop dies, at which point I’m going to probably go to bed.

I’m up at 7 tomorrow (6 AM AEST) to pick up a rental (possible haggle over the no-show fee since I clearly did show up but they’d left early), and drive to Bermagui.

Dead on Arrival – Actually just unconscious
Laptop Battery

Image by James Morrison
My new N95 straight from Vodafone, initially I thought it just had a long boot time, but the Nokia logo never came off the screen apart from switching to the Vodafone symbol for a brief period when you don’t touch it.

It won’t even switch off without removing the battery and my laptop doesn’t recognise anything has been plugged in when I connect the USB cable.

My first non Orange phone, not a great experience.

Having experienced the problems of a Sony Ericcson P990 I know there can be significant problems with high end phones. But it just feels as if there isn’t enough quality assurance going on.

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