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Computer Battery

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This is the basket of goodies I’m donating for the Democratic Club’s silent auction. What should I give as the starting bid amount? Included are a Canon PowerShot A20 with manual, a Zio flash-card reader, a cable to connect camera to computer, one set of rechargeable batteries in the camera and another set in the charger, the (slow) charger, one 256 card, two 64 cards, and (inside the camera) the small card (8 mb) that came with the camera. No software is included since I couldn’t find it anywhere. I sort of hate to part with my little blue plastic basket, but it would be tacky to say "basket not included." I can surely find a replacement.

“Timeless Toys Ltd” The Old Bank, 143 Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Lancashire BB9 6HQ
Computer Battery

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Mum gave up police career to launch Barrowford toy business

IT’S a dilemma familiar to many parents; where do you find a toy that doesn’t appear to be either a computer game or run on batteries.

Beth France took matters into her own hands when it was son Harry’s second birthday in 2010, and it has proved a huge success

LET Wednesday 11th April 2012

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