Laptop Batteries

Image by Mulad
The current setup of my work desktop. The laptop is running Windows XP in dual-display mode with the center monitor as the primary head. Yes, I have the laptop itself act as monitor #2, which seems to have the side-effect that maximized windows on monitor #1 will expand over the start bar.

The right-most display is my Linux box (Ubuntu), which the keyboard and mouse are plugged into. I use x2vnc to control the mouse cursor on the Windows box. Whenever x2vnc isn’t working, I just use the laptop’s built-in keyboard.

Backpack Contents for 188 days
Laptop Batteries

Image by Nestor’s Blurrylife

When I was preparing for this trip I was always interested what people would bring along on this trip and what is essential and what isn’t. And off course this varies from person to person. I have quite a bit of camera equipment and my laptop is pretty big and heavy. The only things missing from the picture is my DSLR camera and wide-angle lens, the clothing I was wearing and my iPod and passport.
Jalapeno Jones ( click on the photo to see what/who that is) has been given to some Ecuadorian Kids after we failed to use him in any way. The Spoon/Fork/Knife hybrid has been one of the most useful items we have brought along.

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