Getting ready for my trip.
Laptop Battery

Image by Brokentaco
Taken with my backup camera for this trip, a Canon G10. Last year half way through my trip my new Canon 40D died on me. I had to cut my trip short due to not having a decent backup camera. This years goal, 200 churches in 10 days plus meet D.P. Mortlock and have him sign my books and spend a day churchcrawling with Simon Knott in Norfolk. And watch Man U win. And have a pint or two, or three.

My gear
Laptop Battery

Image by chungdha
B&W outdoor case
Modified laptop backpack with my own logo with inner bag of an other camera bag.
Lowepro lens bag
Sigma lens bag came with 28mm f1.8

Manfrotto Videopod / monopod 560B with Rc700 head
Manfrotto quickrelease plate
Velbon RUP-L43 monopod
Velbon tripod
Velbon tripod dolly
Hage MMC Steadicam
Flash Bracket
DIY slider with Manfrotto head
Small mini tripod

6x Eneloop AA bateries lost two that why there are 6 instead of 8
3x LP-E8 Batteries

Toshiba 16gb Class 4
Toshiba 16gb Class 6

F&V LED60 with two extra Sony batteries
48LED UFO light

Yoga Superzoom vidmike EM2800
2x Bolun wr601
Sennheiser HD128 headphone

And tons of wires to wire up multi mikes and live audio monitoring.

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