???? (A Cup of Coffee)
Laptop Batteries

Image by annamatic3000
???? (A Cup of Coffee) is the name of a cute little cafe in our neighborhood that is decorated with the owner’s vintage toy collection. The cappuccino, as with other small cafes in Seoul, is rather expensive at 5,000 Won, but you get a free refill of Americano and a slice of freshly baked flatbread. And if you hang around long enough, you’ll get other freebies too.

I parked my laptop there to do some work and got into a conversation with some Cantonese-speaking tourists from Hong Kong. Before we knew it, small plates of little pizzas, toast, and extra cups of espresso were landing on our tables.

I had to leave after a few hours because they didn’t have an accessible outlet for my laptop and my battery was dying.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Laptop Batteries

Image by 4nitsirk
Our campus did not have electricity for the last two days as neessary repairs needed to be made. In order to keep at least some buildings operable, this power generator was brought in. On Thursday we had a smaller version of it that was not strong enough. Thus, a bigger one was brought in that worked like a charm till the evening before it started coughing which lasted till this morning.

Thank goodness for laptops wth working batteries to bridge the brief power losses this morning before it could be repaired.

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