My Olympus OM family (IMG_0674)
Laptop Battery

Image by Kidscat
All of them were bought from eBay and almost all of these are from the United States to Australia.

I also want to buy OM 90/2 & OM 24/3.5 Shift & OM 21/2 & OM 50/1.2. When I have extra budget, 40mm 100mm 135mm 250mm 350mm and 1000mm will be purchased. Hahahaha……

I also need a EOS full frame camera body because 500D has a 1.6x crop factor and I hope Canon can release a NEW FF DSLR.

Laptop Battery

Image by shiladsen
The first day ended with a "welcome" capped by live Flamenco. The dancer was hearing-impaired, She must have felt the beat through the wooden floor. Amazing!

She signed a powerful recitative at the end of the show. It was captivating.

Amusing anecdote: the lights were out in the audience, and at the start of the show one hundred laptops shone like little light bulbs. As things heated up (or more cynically – batteries drained), laptop light bulbs extinguished.

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