40:365 You lazy, lazy bastard
Computer Battery

Image by ian murchison
I’ve been on the phone non-stop since I got home dealing with Apple, parents and RBC.

Apple’s not sending me a new computer, but they are at least sending me a new battery. I guess it was worth the couple hours I spent on the phone with them, it saved me 0+tax.

And I’ve been trying to setup my direct investing account with RBC, which is taking pretty long. 8 days so far, but now I can finally trade and hopefully by Tuesday I’ll have my ‘preferred pricing’ which makes buying/selling a bit cheaper (or the same price as all the other online trading companies).

The tripod was already setup and I was already drinking the beer soooo……. this happened. Lazy I know, but this i what you get (plus I like how they both turned out)

Also massively craving chocolate covered jujubes.
Edit: I’m deciding on some real popcorn instead :)
Edit2: Popcorn failed horribly, must have been old kernels. Off to buy my first craving :)

67′s game tomorrow night! Halloween freaks will be out in full force!

Coast Guard – “Green” Energy
Computer Battery

Image by U.S. Coast Guard
Southwest Harbor, Maine – A Marine Grade 1KW turbine that is owned and installed by Electronics Support Detachment (ESD) Southwest Harbor; the turbine is a component of a "Hybrid Wind/Solar" system that integrates in an invertor box, and enables the renewable energy to not only charge batteries, but run 24 computers for ESD and Station Southwest Harbor on a daily basis.

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