type design busking on 3rd st
Laptop Battery

Image by Stewf
After his presentation earlier in the day, Hrant offered up his idea of joining other buskers on 3rd St Promanade. "I’m taking my laptop, putting down a hat, and making fonts until the battery dies."

Eben answered the call and we followed the two to their places across from each other on the busy pedestrian walkway. Several passersby stopped and showed interest. Some officials questioned the legality of their setup but eventually left them alone. Two cops paused to ask what they were up to. Jackson told them: "I think they are making fonts."

"Somebody’s gotta do it," the cop said as be took a sip of his coffee and walked away.

Photos: campl.us/hp4

Fun resetting my CMOS
Laptop Battery

Image by John “Pathfinder” Lester
1 hour before I was scheduled to give a demo of Second Life, the CMOS in my laptop got corrupted and prevented me from booting. Here I am ripping my laptop apart to yank the CMOS battery and temporary reverse polarity to reset the memory. Worked like a charm.

I love it when things like this happen…no pressure. :P

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