In this video I replace the CPU Fan of a HP DV4. Table of contents New Fan: 0:08 Removal of: Battery 0:19 RAM Memory 0:33 HDD Hard Drive 0:45 CD Rom Drive 0:56 Wireless Lan WLAN 1:52 Keyboard 2:08 Speakers 2:47 Antennas 3:00 Display Assembly 3:22 TouchPad cover 4:05 Motherboard 5:35 CPU Fan 5:47 NEW CPU Fan 5:57Reassembly 6:00 If you are having problems with your computer I can help! Send me a message or check out If you plan on working on your laptop, please take notes and take your time. This video makes things look very easy. Some connectors will fall apart easier than they will disconnect and can take several minutes to slowly work apart. It is VERY easy to break small components that are expensive to replace. Depending on your individual skill level you may have more of a chance breaking something than fixing something. If your laptop is important to you, please let an experienced technician handle it. I have over 10 years experience working with computers. I will try my best to answer questions but please keep them related to the video and the work being done. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe. If you have been helped by my videos and would like to buy me a cup of coffee you can do so by going to my website and clicking “donate” at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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